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AT&T, Sprint, & Verizon with there new flat rate pricing with all you can eat per line rates can make your phone bill go up not down especially when business is slows. U.S. Telestar's rates are going down!!!  Now 3.9 cents per minute in California. No junk fee's. We bill direct not on your credit card not on the back of AT&T/Verizon bill.

Catch up on all your calling 24 hrs a day, and know you're paying only 3.9¢ per minute for all your outbound calls within California, and 5.9¢ per minute for all your state-to-state calls.

Simple is Good! Simple long distance bills mailed to your address. Simple rates, with no Rate games, No hidden charges, one of California's Largest Long Distance and Data networks. --  U.S. TeleStar -- Star Service with experienced people who answer the phone!


Who is TeleStar Communications?

We are a California reseller of Long Distance services.  Our staff brings over 20 years of experience in the telecommunication business to help you save on long distance charges.

We buy long distance at bulk rates so that we can provide you the best price for your long distance.  We bill direct to you using the IntelliBill system., a system proven by 19 other telecommunication carriers to be accurate and reliable. We do not require you to have a credit card or go to any web sites to down load your invoices. We invoice you the old fashion way via U.S.P.S. mail.  At U.S. Telestar© we pride ourselves in a reliable personal service.  We can do it for YOU and your business as well - give us a try. We are not AT&T but we are still old school.

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AT&T a register name of AT&T

SPRINT is a register name

MCIWorldcom is a register name

U.S. Telestar is a registered name

All calls within California.

"3.9" per minute billed in 6 second increments

U.S. Telestar customers get quick calls to friends answering machines anywhere in California for just .$0.002.  Make sure to switch your local long distance sometimes called Local Toll or SBC will charge you up to $0.10 per at a full minute rate..

In-state Long Distance 3.9 per min

In-state calls beyond Local and Local Toll same great rate. .039


Direct dial service, (you do not have to dial a 10-10 number).

Excellent rates on intrastate, intralata/toll calls and international calling with no term contract required.

Straight 6 second billing increments. Answering machine calls 2 cents

Toll Free (800/888/877/866) service, same low per minute rate for incoming calls.

Detailed billing directly from TeleStar Communications.

Quality electronic and telephone customer support.

No monthly fees if you have a long distance bill over $20.00. and don't have an 800/888 toll free number. (NOTE: billing fee is charged when your bill is under $20 for all customers unless contracted differently.)

Affilliate vendor to help with your PBX issues